Member and partner organizations

Farm & Food Care Ontario depends on contributions from the farming and food community through memberships, fee for service and specific project support. Whether you’re a farmer, a volunteer with an agricultural organization or an agri-business stakeholder, Farm & Food Care Ontario is working on your behalf.

Platinum Members

Platinum Members are companies or organizations directly impacted by the issues managed through Farm & Food Care and who want to be directly involved in the organization.

Gold Members

Gold members are companies and organizations directly impacted by the issues managed by Farm & Food Care and who want to receive regular information from the organization.

Silver Members

Silver members are companies and organizations who want to support Farm & Food Care and also want access on a fee-for-service basis to the organization’s services.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members are companies and organizations who are either based outside of Ontario or are national organizations. Affiliate members are also those who support the organization and want access to information but don’t need to be directly involved.


Supporter members are individuals, organizations or companies who want to support the organization but not be directly involved. They may also wish to purchase some of the services provided by the organization.

Partner Organizations

Our business model is based on partnering, aligning and leveraging existing efforts to maximize the impact of our work.

Farm & Food Care works closely with Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan and the two Farm Animal Councils in Canada. The groups share many projects and partnerships and include:

Farm & Food Care also works closely with like-minded groups in the United States including:

Support Farm & Food Care Canada

Do you believe in the in the need for agriculture’s voice to be heard and the importance of reaching the public? Invest in Farm & Food Care Canada to help enhance public trust and confidence in Canadian food and farming.

Farm & Food Care Canada, which is affiliated with Farm & Food Care, is a national charity that was established to support specific projects and opportunities, locally, regionally and nationally.

Funds donated to Farm & Food Care Canada support many of Farm & Food Care Ontario’s proactive initiatives. Donations to Farm & Food Care Canada are eligible for a charitable receipt and can be directed to Ontario-specific programs and activities.

For more information or to donate to Farm & Food Care Canada, visit