Breakfast on the Farm, 2018

Two Breakfast on the Farm events are already scheduled for 2018. 

Tickets for each event, information on and volunteer opportunities will be made available closer to their respective dates.

Cranston Farms, Ancaster ~ June 23, 2018

This farm has been in the Cranston family since 1955 and is now run by Doug and Joan Cranston and their son James. The "free stall" style barn is home to between 90 and 95 milking cows. The family also runs a large sweet corn farm in the summer. In 1995, Doug and Joan Cranston were winners of the Outstanding Young Farmers of Canada award. Registration for this event will open in the spring. 

The Cranston family

Foster Custom Farming, North Gower ~ September 8, 2018 

A beef and grain farm owned by Dwight and Ruth Ann Foster and their family - who are the fifth and sixth generations to live and farm in the Ottawa area. This new beef feedlot barn (built in 2016) is the only one of its kind in the Ottawa area and houses about 3,000 cattle per year. The family, with help from their employees, also grow several thousand acres of crops, have a trucking business and own North Gower Grains, a commercial grain elevator with a capacity to store 100,000 tonnes of grain. 

The Foster family

We are requesting proposals to cater our 2018 breakfast on the farm events.