Our structure

Farm & Food Care Ontario is governed by a 12-member board of four crop representatives, four livestock representatives and four representatives at large. The Board is elected at the organization’s annual meeting each spring.

Issue-specific work related to farm animal welfare and on-farm environmental issues are discussed at and directed by the Farm Animal Welfare and Environment Advisory Councils. The councils provide an open forum for input, ideas, dialogue and proactive thinking on farm animal welfare and on-farm environmental issues. Farm & Food Care platinum, gold and silver members are invited to participate in the councils.

Board of Directors

  • Bruce Christie, Nutreco Canada
  • Sandi Brock, Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (Secretary At Large) 
  • Heather Copland, Grober Nutrition Inc.
  • Brian Gilroy, Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers’ Association (Chairman)
  • Jim Gowland, Ontario Bean Growers (Treasurer)
  • Joe Hickson, Ontario Seed Growers’ Association 
  • Dave McEachren, Grain Farmers of Ontario
  • John Maaskant, Chicken Farmers of Ontario (Past Chairman) 
  • Les Nichols, Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
  • Janelle Caldwell, Egg Farmers of Ontario
  • Christine Schoonderwoerd, Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. (Vice Chairman) 
  • Chris Cossitt, Ontario Pork

Farm & Food Care Ontario's staff team is comprised of full time, part time and contract positions. 

  • Kelly Daynard, Executive Director 
  • Bruce Kelly, Program Manager
  • Elaine McDougall, Finance Manager
  • Joel Porter, Member Relations and Fund Development
  • Matt McIntosh, Communications Coordinator
  • Christine Wilkinson, Communications Coordinator
  • Janet Brodhaecker, Administrative Assistant
  • Amy Matheson, Special Events 

Board members and staff can be reached by contacting info@farmfoodcare.org