What we do

Farm & Food Care Ontario (also known as Farm & Food Care) is a whole-sector coalition made up of representatives from all farming types and associated businesses, and positions itself as the helpful expert on Ontario agriculture. The common goal is to build public trust in food and farming in Ontario and across Canada.

Farm & Food Care Ontario is active in promotion, education, program development and consumer research. Here are some areas of focus:

  • Breakfast on the Farm
  • The Real Dirt on Farming
  • Public outreach and consumer relations activities
  • Media, government, culinary student and food influencer farm tours
  • Farmer and agribusiness staff training
  • Issues management and communications training
  • Environmental sustainability initiatives
  • Farm animal care project coordination
  • Resource development
  • Industry relations and strategic partnerships
  • Member relations
  • Faces of Food & Farming Initiative

Staff stays current on issues related to farming, including animal welfare, environmental and food safety issues, activities by special interest groups, public attitudes, and government legislation. This helps to ensure the agricultural community remains at the forefront of issues like animal care, environment, food safety and biotechnology. Farm & Food Care Ontario also works to find new and innovative ways to introduce farmers to non-farming audiences.