Members, Partners & Donors

Farm & Food Care Ontario depends on contributions from the farming and food community through memberships, fee for service and specific project support. Whether you’re a farmer, a volunteer with an agricultural organization or an agri-business stakeholder, Farm & Food Care Ontario is working on your behalf.

Platinum Members

Platinum Members are companies or organizations directly impacted by the issues managed through Farm & Food Care and who want to be directly involved in the organization.

Gold Members

Gold members are companies and organizations directly impacted by the issues managed by Farm & Food Care and who want to receive regular information from the organization.

Silver Members

Silver members are companies and organizations who want to support Farm & Food Care and also want access on a fee-for-service basis to the organization’s services.

Supporter Members

Supporter members are individuals, organizations or companies who want to support the organization but not be directly involved. They may also wish to purchase some of the services provided by the organization.

  • Anonymous Member(s)
  • A.W. Topp & Son's Ltd.
  • Art Griffith Farms Inc.
  • Bellson Farms
  • Berry Growers of Ontario
  • Brant County Federation of Agriculture
  • Peggy Brekveld
  • Bruce County Federation of Agriculture
  • Buis Beef / Vanmar Farms
  • Canada's Outdoor Farm Show
  • Canadian National Exhibition Association
  • CanWest DHI
  • Chudleigh's Apple Farm
  • Coke Family Farm
  • Collins Farm Produce
  • Conlee Farms Inc.
  • Cronin Farms Ltd.
  • Terry & Dot Daynard
  • Kelly Daynard
  • Donald Frew & Sons Ltd.
  • Donkers Family Goat Dairy Farm
  • Durham Region Federation of Agriculture
  • Eberts Fur Farm Inc.
  • Elgin Beef Farmers
  • Engage Animal Health Corp.
  • Essex County Federation of Agriculture
  • Eyre Farms Limited
  • Flew the Coop Ltd.
  • Fois Poultry Farms
  • Georgian Bay Fruit Growers Association
  • Jim & Judy Gowland
  • Grey County Federation of Agriculture
  • Hackett, Greg & Christine
  • Halton Dairy Producer Committee
  • Holstein Ontario
  • Huron County Federation of Agriculture
  • IGPC Ethanol Inc.
  • J.J. Maaskant Farms Ltd.
  • JSE Farms
  • Kenpal Farm Products Inc.
  • Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance
  • Kidd Farms
  • Koetsier, Jack & Liz
  • Lambton Cattlemen's Association
  • Lambton Federation of Agriculture
  • Lindsay Agricultural Society
  • Manitoulin Northshore Federation of Agriculture
  • James (Jim) Maw
  • Kahntact
  • Bruce Kelly
  • Dr. June Matthews
  • McIntosh Family Farm Inc.
  • McLean Berry Farm
  • Middlesex Cattlemen's Association
  • Middlesex Egg Farmers
  • Middlesex Federation of Agriculture
  • Midnight Acres
  • Miller Family Farms (571419 Ontario Limited)
  • Mitchell Vet Services
  • Nighthawk Orchards
  • Northumberland Cattlemen's Association
  • Northumberland Federation of Agriculture
  • Norwell Dairy Systems
  • Oegema Turkey Farms Inc.
  • Ontario Association of Agriculture Societies
  • Ontario Ginseng Growers Association
  • Ontario Maple Syrup Producers' Association
  • Ontario Tender Fruit Growers
  • Oxford County Junior Farmers
  • Perth County Beef Farmers Association
  • Perth County Federation of Agriculture
  • Perth County Pork Producers Association
  • Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture
  • Pristine Gourmet - Persall Fine Foods Co.
  • R & B McIntosh Egg Farms Ltd.
  • RBR. Fur Farms Ltd.
  • Reid Drainage Inc.
  • Renfrew County Beef Farmers Association
  • RFW Farms
  • Gerald & Louise Rollins
  • Rosendale Farms Limited
  • Samis Farms (695971 Ontario Limited)
  • Nadine Schwandt
  • Schoonderwoerd Bros. Concrete Ltd.
  • Christine Schoonderwoerd
  • Sheldon Creek Dairy
  • Murray Sherk
  • Simcoe County Cattlemen's Association
  • Simcoe County Dairy Producer Association
  • Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture
  • Snyder Heritage Farms
  • Stormont Federation of Agriculture
  • Sally & Mike Van Straaten
  • Veldman Poultry Farm Ltd.
  • Vickhaven Farms
  • Waterloo Region Milk Producers
  • Whyte Farm
  • Woodrill Ltd.
  • Yantzi's Feed & Seed Limited

Individual Members & Donors

  • Anonymous Member(s)
  • Agri-Nutrient Solutions
  • Brant Cattlemen’s Association
  • William Bearss
  • Alicia Becker
  • Kim Jo Bliss
  • Laura Bowers
  • Janelle Caldwell
  • Maurice Chauvin
  • Bruce & Dianne Christie
  • Crispin Colvin
  • Gordon & Mario Coukell
  • Karen Dallimore
  • Bonnie den Haan
  • Arin Douglas
  • Colin Elliot
  • John Geurtjens
  • Chelsea Gordon
  • Charlie Gracey
  • Simon Haley
  • Sara Harper
  • Joe Hickson
  • Peter Hohenadel
  • Scott Houghton
  • Bruce Hudson (Panmure Farms)
  • Deanna Hutton
  • Megan Mair
  • Dave McEachren
  • Colleen McElwain
  • Jayne Miller
  • Jennifer Mitchell
  • Les Nichols
  • Nancy Noecker
  • Sue Quirt
  • Renwick Ridgeview Acres Inc. / Chris Renwick
  • Colleen Roehrig
  • Marilyn Sewell
  • Karl & Laura Terpstra
  • Lois Turk
  • Steven Vanderzanden
  • Wenrob Poultry
  • Christine Wilkinson
  • Cory Wozniak
  • Dwayne Zwep

Partner Organizations

Our business model is based on partnering, aligning and leveraging existing efforts to maximize the impact of our work. We believe, like the African proverb suggests, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” and we continue to actively seek partnerships of mutual benefit to the work of public trust building in food and farming.

Farm & Food Care Ontario works closely with organizations across our network, sharing projects and strategic partnerships with organizations like:

In our work over the years Farm & Food Care has been grateful to collaborate with organizations providing exceptional leadership in the work of education and ag-awareness building, like:

Farm & Food Care Ontario has also been fortunate to work with like-minded groups in the United States including:

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