Have you ever been asked a question about food or farming that you didn’t know how to answer?
Read a media report that wasn’t accurate?
Been asked to volunteer at a local event to talk food and farming or to host a farm tour?

Why is this important?

Less than two per cent of Canadians live and work on farms, making it important for those of us working in the industry to explain what we do. We have a lot of good news to tell the other 98 per cent of the population and any opportunity to share is worth it.
Being a proud agricultural advocate can take many forms. Anytime that you are talking about food and farming to people who have not yet heard the good news stories, you are being an ambassador for the industry. Telling people about your experiences, answering questions, making presentations, talking with the media, hosting tours or engaging on social media are all things you can do.

How to be an Ambassador for Agriculture

The most effective and memorable exhibits include enthusiastic and informative volunteers. Agriculture has a lot of good stories to share with the public. Events like local fairs and farm tours provide a great opportunity to do that. It is important to correct misinformation by taking a positive, proactive and professional approach. Tell your story with pride.


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These documents provide tips and advice to help you advocate for agriculture. ...

Social Media Kits

Supporting agriculture, local food and beverage producers, and agri-tourism opportunities, has never been more important. Municipalities, community organizations, markets, and local food fans are encouraged to help promote and celebrate local food and agriculture. Browse through and download pre-crafted graphics and messages designed for social media, customize content to meet the needs of your community, and schedule posts and update your channels to celebrate local food with us.

Social Media kits

The Real Dirt on Farming

The Real Dirt on Farming is designed to connect people with the food they eat, and introduce them to some of Canada's farm families. This booklet provides basic facts on topics such as the food security, climate change, animal welfare, food safety, and much more. The goal of this book is to help people make informed decisions about the food they eat.

This 60-page, award-winning booklet answers the top questions Canadians have about food and farming in an easy-to-understand format. Available in English and French. Digest, 12-page edition, is also available. Place an order

Educators' Resource

This resource gives students and teachers the opportunity to dig deeper into the latest edition of The Real Dirt on Farming. They will explore key topics about agriculture including: sustainability, agriculture policy, current issues in our food system, and more! View the resource.

Media Kit