I <3 Social Media Planing kit

It is always the right time to celebrate local food in Ontario. We are blessed with an abundance of locally grown seasonal favorites like asparagus and peaches that are available in the spring and summer, as well as access to locally produced meats, cheeses, honeys, maple syrup, fruits, vegetables and craft beverages that are always in season.

Supporting agriculture, local food and beverage producers, and agri-tourism opportunities, has never been more important. Community organizations and municipalities have a vital role to play in fostering an environment where agricultural producers and processors can thrive.

The I ♥ Local Social Media Planning Kit includes templates for community groups to initiate support for these producers, particularly during Local Food Week and Ontario Agriculture Week.
The goal of this planning kit is to:
1. Support municipalities and community organizations with communications materials that increase public knowledge of Local Food Week, Ontario Agriculture Week and others
2. Make it easy for municipalities, community organizations and the general public to think of Ontario agriculture, food, beverage and other agricultural products year-round.
3. Boost support for local producers by increasing local food sales and encouraging agri-tourism.

Municipalities, community organizations, markets, and local food fans are encouraged to help promote and celebrate local food and agriculture. Browse through and download pre-crafted graphics and messages designed for social media, customize content to meet the needs of your community, and schedule posts and update your channels to celebrate local food with us.

Source Local social media kit

With your help, we can connect Ontarians and showcase the best of Ontario agriculture.

Buying local ensures plates are filled with nutritious, delicious, environmentally friendly foods,grown by community farmers. It supports the local economy and keeps Ontarians connected tothe food on their table.

Ontario’s 38,000 farming families dedicate their livelihoods to growing and producing over 200food, fibre and fuel products that feed the province, country and world.

Finding local is easy thanks to farmers’ markets, farm gate sales, buy local maps andidentification at the grocery store. Throughout the year, there is a constant supply of local meats,eggs, dairy products, preserves and greenhouse vegetables. Seasonal local fruits andvegetables can be preserved and frozen to enjoy during the colder temperatures.
We all have a reason for the choices we make. What’s your reason?