Early Adopter Farmer Profiles

Follow along as 4 farm families share their journey into adopting strip-tillage systems on their farms.

Strip-Tillage Videos

The Basics

Strip-tillage disturbs a strip of soil for planting at a later date while leaving a space in between the strips undisturbed. Watch this video to learn the basics of strip-tillage and how this practice is a win-win for farmers by blending the benefits of no-till and conventional tillage.

Vegetable Production

Strip Tillage for vegetable production: Not only for cash crops.

Tough Soil

Tough Soil - Its not easy working with clay soils and challenging drainage. Learn from OMAFRA specialists and other farmers on how residue management and cropping systems considerations can change the toughness of the soil on your farm.

Learning to Make it Work

Hear from OMAFRA specialists and farmers as they share some tips and recommendations, from equipment to technology, for transitioning to strip-tillage.

Part of the Cropping System

In this video, you'll learn the strategies farmers use to fit strip-tillage into their crop plan and how strip-tillage impacts crop management.

Overcoming Challenges

Strip-tillage comes with its own set of unique challenges based on soil type, season, equipment and more. In this video, farmers share their experience with strip-tillage and what did (and didn't) work on their farm.

Strip-tillage by the Numbers

Considering a switch to strip-tillage? Set yourself up for a successful and sustainable transition by understanding your cost of production including equipment, inputs, labour, maintenance and more.

Soil Health and Environmental Benefits

What does strip tillage, in combination with the other aspects of crop management, do for your soil health? Can strip-tillage help you meet your goals that include improved soil health and increased profitability?