Lake Erie phosphorous

Farm & Food Care Ontario is involved in the development of strategies to reduce nutrient runoff from agricultural land in the Lake Erie watershed.

*****A 2014 Great Lakes Commission Lake Erie water pollution resolution committed the Lake Erie states and the province of Ontario to form a working group to develop new – and refine existing – practices, programs and policies to achieve pollutant reduction targets and identify remedies to improve water quality in Lake Erie. To combat the growing threat of toxic and nuisance algae development in Lake Erie, the United States and Canada have committed, through the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, to develop revised bi-national phosphorus load reduction targets for Lake Erie by February, 2016.

In response to this commitment, in 2013, federal agencies, state and provincial governments, municipal and local governments, and many other partners convened a bi-national subcommittee to review the interim phosphorus targets for Lake Erie contained within the Agreement, and recommend new targets for Lake Erie.  Canada and the United States are consulting on the recommended phosphorus load reduction targets for Lake Erie. For further information, please visit