Soil Health in Ontario

By gaining a better understanding of what soil is and encouraging practices that both conserve and enhance the quality of Ontario's soil resources, we improve agricultural productivity as well as protecting the environment for generations to come. This series will explore the issues and challenges in soil management.

Soil Remediation

Eroded knolls are an indication of tillage or water erosion; mechanical soil remediation can in some cases be a good option to restore productivity. This video will explore one farmer’s successes in moving soil from lower slope deposits back up the slope.

Organic amendments

Increasing your soil organic matter starts with adding manure and other organic materials. This video will explore why would you use them; when considering OA determine what your goal is; different types - solid/liquid manure, biosolids/process biosolids, composts, anaerobic digestate.

Crop rotation

Crop rotation is key to healthy soils, stabilizing organic matter and weed suppression. This video will explain systems for balancing economics and agronomy.

Advantages of soil testing

It all starts with soil testing. This video will show it’s done, how to read a soil analysis report and what to do with the information.

Tillage erosion

Explore the outcomes of soil erosion as a result of tillage, and what effects crop residue can have on reducing this erosion.

Inter-seeding, cover crops and manure

Cover crops provide many benefits including protecting the soil from erosion, adding organic matter, feeding soil life, holding on to nutrients, providing nitrogen, improving soil structure, livestock feed source, pest suppression and soil compaction reduction. This video will look at how you might incorporate cover crops into your system.

Surface crusting

Surface crusting can have a big impact on a crop if it prevents emergence or significantly reduces the stand. Learn how experts explain the various types of crusting and how to prevent it on your farm.

Soil erosion by water

We all know that rain can pick up soil and move it off the field. The area drained, the texture, moisture level and condition of the soil and the roll of the land, all influence the degree and type of erosion a farmer has to deal with. Stick around to learn how to control soil erosion by water on your farm.

No-till for soil health: Making it work

What are the benefits of no-till farming? What to consider when making the transition and how can you make it work in your production system.

Subsurface compaction

High agricultural traffic can cause significant subsurface compaction. In this video, we discuss how to identify the signs and the BMP's you can put in place to reduce it.

Cold and wet soils

This video will define cold and wet soils and the different situations in which they occur. What kind of toll does cold & wet soil have on crop production? What strategies are best to overcome this challenge?.