Proudly Presenting Agriculture

Have you ever been asked a question about food or farming that you didn’t know how to answer?
Read a media report that wasn’t accurate?
Been asked to volunteer at a local event to talk food and farming or to host a farm tour?

This brochure was made to provide tips and advice to help you with experiences like these.

Communication Resources

There is a saying that farmers do a great job of producing food, but a lousy job of telling people about it. Below are some hints of where to start.

  • Identify your audience, and then get to know them. Casual conversations help to identify areas of public interest or concern. Don’t devote time or resources to information the public doesn’t want to receive. Find ways to tie them into the things they are interested in.
  • Choose your messages carefully. Be consistent and repeat key ideas.
  • Keep it simple. Make it relevant and understandable. Use examples to help get your point across.

Public Event Displays & Live Animal Exhibits

Animals naturally attract people to the exhibit area and promote discussion. These forums can help clarify misinformation and address concerns, so it is important to provide an accurate portrayal of modern animal agriculture to the public.

How to be an Ambassador for Agriculture

The most effective and memorable exhibits include enthusiastic and informative volunteers. Agriculture has a lot of good stories to share with the public. Events like local fairs and farm tours provide a great opportunity to do that. It is important to correct misinformation by taking a positive, proactive and professional approach. Tell your story with pride.